About Me


I studied hard. Earned a law degree. Built a thriving business. Was raising my kids and helping my parents. From the outside, I was killing it.

And yet, I drank too much.

Why was I unable to control my drinking when I succeeded in everything else? Was I really unhappy with the life others would love to have?

Therapy didn’t help. I wasn’t an alcoholic. I’d never risk a client or someone I knew professionally seeing me at a 12-step meeting. I was sure I didn’t need (or have time for) rehab.

I really did not want total abstinence.

I’d tell myself I wouldn’t drink, or would stop after one or two, then overdo it, again. Countless silly arguments with my husband occurred that wouldn’t have happened had I not drank. There were less than flattering moments in front of colleagues.

Then I worked with a coach who exclusively helps overdrinkers.

For over two decades, Julie Ernst has helped hundreds of clients get unstuck and reach their goals.

She earned a Juris Doctor and a Certificate Degree in Positive Psychology, and has 25 years’ experience working one-on-one with clients in crisis. As a certified overdrinking coach, she specializes in teaching how to stop drinking or simply cut back.

She uses the latest neuroscience, psychology and proven coaching techniques to get results fast.

Her methods have helped countless unravel their drinking. She can help you, too.