My number two tip for stop overeating in order to lose weight is simply to stop snacking.

That’s right. Only eat during meals.

There are two physiologic reasons to do this.

First, our bodies learn to release the hunger hormone Ghrelin on a schedule. So the reason you want to eat after dinner is likely because you’ve taught your body to expect food then.

You can retrain your body to not be hungry by not eating at your usual snack time.

Instead, notice and become a watcher of your urge to eat. You can use this technique to learn to stop overdrinking also.

Allow the urge to be there without eating. Without trying to resist it with willpower. Using willpower to avoid an urge reinforces desire. Allow the urge to be there like a child sitting on your lap, or something you hold in the palm of your hand.

Do this 100 times at your usual snack time and you’ll retrain your body not to release Ghrelin at that time–meaning you won’t feel hungry simply because your body says it’s time to eat.

Second, your body needs time in-between meals to use fat stored on your body. When you eat, insulin levels rise. Insulin is a fat storage hormone. If you are storing fat, you are not losing weight. To lose weight, your body needs time after meals to lower insulin levels. Once they’re low, then you use body fat as fuel.

There are lots of ways to play with lowering insulin levels for weight loss. Stop eating between meals. Extend time between meals. Try not eating after dinner. Delay what time you eat breakfast. Once you’ve gone 30 days without sugar or flour, even wait until lunchtime to eat.

I know. We’ve all been told breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And how some experts used to say we should eat six small meals a day.

Our [thin] ancestors did not eat six meals a day. There were no Snackwells (nor an obesity epidemic) 100 years ago. Once you’ve stopped snacking for 2-4 weeks, provided you’re eating high quality meals, you’ll feel less hungry and have a clearer head throughout the day.

I have one client who lost over 30 pounds simply by cutting out sugar, flour and snacking without doing anything else.

—Julie Ernst, Esq., Certified Weight Loss Coach