An attorney recently asked me if I was a mind Jedi.

I’d been coaching his client and he was shocked with her quick transformation.

When I started working with her, she was completely stuck. She was clear on the results she wanted, but had been unable to do what was necessary to get them. Her mind was completely planted. She didn’t believe she could do things differently or that changes would help. She’d tried to change in the past and failed many times. She’d been struggling for years.

As I coached her, we unraveled why she wanted what she said she wanted, and long-held but false beliefs that were holding her back. Suddenly her mind opened and she began doing things she had never done before.

In the beginning, she took tiny steps. Very tiny.

She gained confidence that if she could make super small changes, she could keep going. And she did, eventually taking well-planned leaps.

Things are different for her now. Though she still has anxiety and stress, she believes she can handle it and takes action that moves her forward. She has evidence.

Coaching is not a mind trick, but it can change everything.

Working with my coach changed my life.

I know there are life coaches who recommend cleaning out closets and taking baths. Now I have no problem getting rid of excess stuff and bathing with candles. I love reading about those activities. Reading about them, mind you—doing them, not so much. They do sound peaceful and cleansing.

My coach training and methods involve changing from the inside out.

Being coached this way helped me stop overdrinking. I still drink sometimes. Now I have a glass or two a week. Sometimes none. Very rarely three. Never more, because that is the amount I want to have.

I learned how to control my drinking.

When I stopped drinking too much, I became more in the world. Without numbing my stress and using alcohol as my primary source of entertainment and pleasure, I found I didn’t want to continue my life the way I had.

I’d been coaching clients in my law practice for two decades, noticing how some grow and move forward in their changing lives to a better place, while others resist, refuse to budge and stay stuck (and unhappy). 

My coach training gave structure to techniques I’d been witnessing and studying. I learned new skills. I began thinking more and more about what I wanted in my life and started taking steps to get there.

My life opened.

Coaching clients to stop overdrinking is extremely rewarding. I watch mind-shifting before my eyes. Dozens who told me exactly why they can’t stop or cut back, suddenly see that they did.

I’ve seen many happy tears, as years of pain and shame begin to melt away.

I watch new ideas begin to root and take hold.

Ultimately, it’s helping clients break free from limitations we set for ourselves, decipher what they decide they want, and chart a path to get there. I’ve helped lawyers, CPA’s, business owners and others get their drinking under control and where they want it to be. Once they do this, everything is possible.

If nothing were holding you back, what would you do?

—Julie Ernst, CCJD

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